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Content by: Julia Bernstein, Austin Harrison, and Brenna Pollock

Edited by: Joshua Blount


Photos and videos by: Zara Mirza, Marshall Tidrick, Brenna Pollock, Andrea Alysse, Thomas Bingham


imageAnd that’s a wrap for the 37th annual Cap 10K. The 16,000 runners have crossed the finish line that officially closed at 11 a.m. Congratulations to the winners!


By Andie Rogers

Photos by Darice Chavira



"Batman and Robin, taking a break from fighting crime for the race!

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-The Maniacs

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By Luqman Adeniyi

Dressed in a black cat suit, Jessica, has finished her first Cap 10k race.

Jessica is one of many racers dressed in costumes who participated in the race.

This race also marks a special moment for Jessica who at one point weighed over 200 pounds and wasn’t able to run for more than 2 blocks.

"i lost 70 or 80 pounds and got into good shape and was really excited to come out today and do something different," Jessica said.


Reporting and Photo by: Julia Bernstein 


The rain casts a fog upon the city skyline as the Cap10k winds down. 

Photo by Austin Harrison


Anne and Stephanie ran the Cap10K for the first time.

They liked the weather in the morning, but the rain and cooler weather made it difficult at the end. The first thing they’re going do after the race is eat. They were both happy with there times and plan to run the Rock n Roll half marathon in the fall.

Reporting by Jonathan Vail


Candice Vasquez and Lauren Smith ran the Cap10K in 1 hour 45 minutes. 

This is the first marathon they have ran in and “loved it!” They trained with Rogue Running classes every Wednesday and Saturday and they are going to start training on Wednesday for another marathon. 

Their goal is to finish half a marathon by the end of the year. 

Reporting by Michelle Sanchez


Longtime friends Katherine Green and Yolanda Keeling said that they made this year’s square dancing costumes on their own. 

"The color didn’t come out the way we wanted it to in one spot, so we sewed on a cat made out of felt," Green said. 

Green and Keeling said that while this isn’t their first time participating in the Cap10K, it is their first time coming to the race together. 

"We mostly walked," Green said.

She added that next year’s costume is going to be something completely different. 

"We can’t tell you what it is!" Green said. 

Reporting by: Danielle Vabner

Photo by: Zara Mirza